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In this economy, it’s hard to ignore the fact that limited funds can severely dampen your social life. Almost every social event or outing requires money, and while you could easily just stay in and play video games (or watch pre-recorded shows on television) instead of going out, doing that isn’t going to improve your social life, or help you meet any potential dates for the future if you’re single.

If you have just met someone and just started dating, who says you need to spend a lot of money in order to have a great time on a date? For the guys, here is a list of great date ideas to take a new (or current) girl on that will both wow her, and won’t set you back financially!

1) Take her to an independent movie, then end the date with a mini wine, cheese, and fruit tasting at the park at night. The wine, cheese and fruit tasting can be so easy to throw together and cheap, and will impress her because it’s romantic and thoughtful. You can get a bottle of wine at Wal-Mart for around $5-10 (no need to go with super-fancy or expensive wine, these taste good enough, and unless she’s a wine buff, she probably won’t notice the difference), and the fruit and cheese can also be bought there for within the same price range, for a total of under $15. My boyfriend did this on our second date, this scored MAJOR brownie points =).

2) If you are both outdoorsy, active people, depending on where you live, take her for surfing lessons, go hiking or go snorkeling. Participating in an active sport gives the benefit of getting in a great workout, boosting your endorphins, and it can create an instant bond if you are both trying out a new activity together for the first time.

3) Depending on where you live, an ice skating date (outdoor or indoor) is a traditional and romantic date. If it’s around wintertime, going to see Christmas lights afterwards sets an intimate and fun setting.

4) Go explore a part of downtown you have never been to. This one is best done in safe areas of your downtown where the fear of getting mugged won’t overpower your ability to have fun! I’ve lived in the Dallas, TX area most of my life, and there are still areas I haven’t had the chance to explore. Exploring downtown together with a date, finding great little shops or restaurants that you’ve never been to or dive bars you wouldn’t normally frequent, is a very romantic and fun way to spend the evening. It’s also a great way to get to know one another.

5) If you are a great cook, invite her over for a homecooked meal. With many women being less “domestic” these days, many love a man who can cook! You can follow up dinner by watching a movie in. However, I wouldn’t recommend this idea for someone you have just started seeing…it should be saved for at least the third date in, if not further; otherwise, she’ll just think you’re trying to get in her pants, whether or not this is true!

6) For a fun group date, have friends over for a game night. Make it a potluck affair, and have every one bring their favorite game/board game. Make it interesting by tossing in one or two “dirty” board games (ex. Dirty Minds). You can have fun bonding with your date, and will feel less pressure to entertain since you’re having fun in a group environment. This is a great date idea if you are introducing her for the first time to your friends, and want to do it in a casual way. You shouldn’t do this until at least the 4th or 5th date, however. The first 3 or 4 dates should be solo ones, to establish with her that you are looking to date her, not befriend her.

There are many great ways to have fun and impress a girl on a date without blowing your budget. Anything that fosters an intimate setting, or a sense of exploration and adventure, can help create a feeling of bonding between you two and make for a great time, as well as help bring more dates in the future! 😉

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