Cheap Dates Part II

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In this economy, saving a buck or two wherever you can is at the top of everyone’s mind; that’s why date-planning shouldn’t cause you stress. When you want to plan a fun date, but don’t want to blow big bucks, there are many date ideas you can choose from which won’t empty your pocket. Below are just a few cheap, creative date ideas that won’t set you back much, if at all!

1) Free night at the museum. Many cities have museums that have a free night once a week or once a month, so look up local museums in your area, and “get cultured” with your date by hitting the museum to check out the latest exhibits.

2) Learn a new hobby together. Check out your local recreation center to see if they offer any free guitar lessons, pottery classes, or cooking classes that you and your date can attend together. It’s a great way to learn a new hobby and have fun. Expanding your horizons while having fun with your date – what’s not to love?

3) Look up free shows. Many major musical acts will sometimes tour and throw free shows (as a promotion for albums and such), so check events schedules at performance centers in your area for free shows. (The All-American Rejects was in Dallas recently and had a free concert.) Get tickets and show up early, though, because anything free is bound to go fast!

4) Volunteer together. Helping others is good, and creates good karma. Helping others with a date is a great way to bond while giving back. Volunteer for a day or two at your local Habitat for Humanity, or even by helping our furry friends with a day walking pooches at the local animal shelter – it’ll give you a nice feeling inside to be able to help those less fortunate.

5) Dollar movies. Most cities have a lower-priced cineplex, or dollar movie theater, where you can catch movies that have been out for a few months already. Catch the flicks you missed here for a fraction of the price with your date, and save the difference for drinks or dessert.

6) Group potluck dinners. A growing trend among many people (especially during these tough economic times), potluck dinners are a fun way for friends to hang out without spending much money. Make it more interesting by having a theme, such as “International Potluck” or a fancy “Black and White” potluck party, and impress your date with your awesome culinary skills. (If you can’t cook, bring drinks or a pre-made dessert – no one will mind as long as you’re having a good time!)

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