Is She After Your Money?

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Golddigger is such an ugly word, but it’s the one major thing that many guys these days are scared of, especially if you have major cash to blow. If your new date fits the bill for the majority of the things listed below, watch out! It’s probably not your company she so enjoys, but rather, your cash flow!

1) She chooses a 5 star steak house for your first date.

2) She lives a highroller lifestyle yet has no real job that you know of (she attributes this to “generous parents”….riiiight!).

3) She only seemed interested once the valet pulled up outside the club with your Beemer/Mercedes/Corvette.

4) She perks up when you mention that your family has a vacation home in the Hamptons.

5) All of her major long-term relationships have been with guys who made at least 6 figures (or sure spent like they did!).

6) Walmart is not in her vocabulary.

7) Her idea for a “fun” second date was hitting up the local high-end shopping mall, where she “accidentally” forgot her wallet at home.

8 ) She has never offered to pay for anything, ever, even after the 5th date when you didn’t have cash on you to tip the valet (“They get paid hourly, they’ll survive!”).

9) Heather Mills is among her list of choice heroes.

10) Her last boyfriend bought her a $3000 handbag by their second date.

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