Playboy Model Yen Ly on Sex, Dating, and Men!!!

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Ever wondered what it’s like to date a model?  Well, here’s an exclusive interview with Playboy Model Miss Yen Ly:

Alannah: Are you single?

Yen: Absolutely!

Alannah: Do you believe a girl should date more than one guy at a time?

Yen: I think when you are single, both men and women can appreciate variety.  You should defintely shop around before committing to someone.  It just makes the most sense!

Alannah: What is the cheesiest thing a guy has said to get you to go out with him?

Yen: It has to be this guy I met at the Playboy Mansion party.  He was like, “I’m a famous actor but I can’t tell you my name.” lol I mean forget that!

Alannah: What guy is your type?

Yen: My type changes often but right now athletes are so hot to me!  You have to really impress me to keep my attention.  I love NFL players (quarterbacks). Lookswise I love tall guys even though I’m so tiny.  I just feel so safe around them.

Alannah: Sex on a first date?

Yen: That’s a really bad idea.  Gotta make them work for it lol.

Alannah: What are your turn-offs?

Yen: Bad hygiene is the grossest thing ever!  Compulsive liars, guys who spend more time getting ready than I do, having any addictions, being too clingy.  Guys who are proud of wearing designer labels.  Leave that to the women lol.

Alannah: What are your turn-ons?

Yen: I love big, muscular arms on guys with a toned body.  I love just enough facial hair for the scruffy look.

Alannah: What are your dating complaints?

Yen: I like a guy that does not try hard to play games.  Don’t text me, call.  What is up with the lazy, impersonal dating style of guys now?  When men are really afraid of rejection women can pick up on that and therefore they get rejected!  However, if I tell you I’m not wanting a relationship, ease up on asking me out on one-on-one dates.

Alannah: I see.  So you want a balance between a guy being too lazy and a guy being too aggressive, then?

Yen: Yes, I don’t play games so if we are dating and I sense that you are lying or playing games then it’s over.  If I tell you that I don’t want to date, then that means I’m open to hanging out as friends to get to know each other but nothing romantic.  It may lead to something, but when a person is not in that dating mode you gotta respect that.

Alannah: Are you looking for a relationship?

Yen: It would take an AMAZING guy to get that to happen lol.  I’m having way too much fun being single.  I’ve learned to not let the wrong person take up any of my time once I’ve come to that conclusion.

Alannah: What would make a guy amazing?

Yen: I have a lot of passions in life especially animal rescue.  Dating is really secondary and if I met a guy that had his own passions that would really impress me.  So many guys are too aggressive in wanting to go out that they don’t see I have other priorities.  I’m not saying dating is not important, but I believe in being my own person and achieving my goals.  A guy should fit into the picture not take over it.  I find that dating and relationships take up a lot of the time I could use to achieve the things I want.  I need a lot of space and if we can help each other grow without any of that relationship drama then that would be ideal.

Alannah: OK, last thing.  Any special shout-outs?

Yen: Yes!  I want to say hi to Jack!  Thanks for being there through it all.  You are truly wonderful and I appreciate you very much!!

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