How NOT to Be a Tool on Facebook

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With so much of our public personas tied into our online presence these days, it’s hard to ignore the impact that social networking sites can have on our personal lives, especially Facebook.  Even those with spotless reputations can easily create the wrong impression online without some proper profile management.  Women are often better at managing our online presence (it’s hardwired into our DNA!), whereas many men could use a few tips in this area; you can make the best first impression on a girl, but one glance at a poorly managed profile can shoot that all to hell!  Whether or not you care what a girl has on her profiles, if she is an active user of Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking sites, rest assured that you will be judged on yours, so it’s best to control what information you make available online.  For the guys, some tips on how NOT to be a tool on Facebook!

1) No shirtless pics!  Most men think that since men like seeing seminaked pics of women, women also get turned on by this as well – this thought process is completely wrong!  While women appreciate men who are fit, if you are in great shape, you don’t need to post shirtless pics all over Facebook to make this known – women will notice, trust me on this.  The only thing most women will see when looking at a guy’s shirtless pics all over his Facebook page are “insecure” and “douchey” written all over them!

2) No emo updates calling out an ex.  Don’t turn Facebook into your (not-so) private diary by screaming to the world about how your ex was a two-timing cheat who couldn’t hold down a job and suffered from suspicious rashes (whether or not it’s true!).  There’s no way you end up looking good in this scenario – people may or may not believe what you say about your ex, but you will definitely end up looking like a bitter, scorned big-mouth who women will think twice about dating!  Keep your venting sessions limited to friends and family only and details of your personal life offline!

3) No half-naked pictures of women.  That booby pic with the “funny” caption may be funny to your guy friends, but not so funny to your Friday night date who decides to check out your Facebook page before the night of.  At best, she’ll think you’re immature; at worst, she’ll think you’re a lonely, desperate guy who can’t get any action so posts half-naked pics of women online.  (If you must post “college humor”-type updates, limit your audience to “Friends Only” and check your privacy settings beforehand to prevent it from coming back later and biting you in the ass!)

4) Limit friends’ posts.  On the other hand, if you have friends who have a crude sense of humor and are prone to posting updates on your timeline that you may not want potential dates seeing, limit the audience for what friends post on your timeline to “Friends Only”.  They can then post to their hearts’ content without any potential damage to your love life and everyone wins!

5) Assume you will be searched for online.  Finally, if you’ve done your fair share of “background checking” (Facebook stalking, browsing on LinkedIn, Googling, etc.) on potential dates before or after a date, assume that they will do the same to you.  Make any embarrassing or questionable pics/updates/tags private, or better yet, limit your profile to friends only to avoid any potentially embarrassing mishaps!



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