Are You High Maintenance?

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If most of the things below apply to you, you may be a tad high maintenance!

1) You take more than 4 hours to get ready on the regular.

2) You won’t eat leftovers, ever.

3) You won’t travel to any destinations that aren’t Facebook or Instagram-worthy.

4) Eating at any restaurant with less than 3 $ signs on Yelp is out of the question!

5) Your dog has her own masseur and manicurist.

6) The idea of “packing light” is a foreign concept.

7) Stay at a hotel without concierge service?  Never!

8) Your last guy took out a second mortgage after you dated for a year.

9) You won’t ever leave the house without make-up, even to go get the mail.

10) You would rather starve for a week than wear last year’s designers.



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